About Me

I’m a South African born software developer and founder of Upkoi, Inc, a software development company specializing in high performance web development coupled with deep learning / AI. I also founded and organize the C# focused user group Tampa#.

I’ve accumulated over ten thousand hours writing production .NET code and thousands more creating modern web applications using html and css mixed with angularjs and various other front end frameworks. I’m currently investing a lot of time learning about machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality and work on VR and machine learning projects daily.

As a full stack developer I’m comfortable taking ideas all the way to monetized products and have a large amount of experience distributed over complimentary skill groups including UX/UI, Marketing, and Project Management. I’ve honed these skills over the past ten years by taking over 50 of my own content websites, apps, and services from ideas all the way to profitable entities.